Form Fitted Guitar Case

Our guitar cases are beautiful. Lined with sexy plush interior, you'll get sick of the compliments you get when you bring out your guitar. Each form fitted guitar case will come with a small utilities compartment built into the plush around the guitar. The case will be made to fit your guitar and your guitar only. For this to happen, we will need you to send us a trace of your guitar (please view the tracing guide on the bottom of every page). As with all of our cases, it boasts the strength stability to endure the toughest tours, and meet ATA 300 (flight) standards.

Please make sure to enter ACCURATE dimensions and the correct model number to the left.

See our tracing and sizing guide on the bottom of every page on how to take accurate measurments.

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Assembled With:

  • ► Steel ball corners
  • ► ⅜" birch hardwood
  • ► Aluminum tongue and groove
  • ► Recessed spring loaded steel handles
  • ► High performance ester foam
  • ► Steel recessed twist latches
  • ► Double angle aluminum edge trimming
  • ► Heavy duty steel trunk stop hinges
  • ► Two 2" Externally mounted corner casters
  • ► Form fitted plush interior with small cubby for extras
  • Your choice of either a strap handle or a steel recessed spring loaded handle at no extra cost