Lift Off Mixer Case With Casters and Doghouse

The Lift off mixer case with doghouse provides you with the most mobility and professional looking housing for your mixer. With options for side-mounted casters allowing for space-friendly storage, you can find an easy way to get to your setup whenever you need. Once you have found a spot to set up, our form fitting custom doghouses will keep the mixer tight to a frame and hide all your cable activity. Every Doghouse is CNC cut to form to the back of the mixer so you don't have to worry about things moving around to much during transit.

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Assembled With:

  • ► Steel ball corners
  • ► ⅜" birch hardwood laminate
  • ► ⅜" Aluminum tongue and groove
  • ► ¾" Birch Baseboard
  • ► ⅜" Double angle aluminum edge trimming
  • ► High performance 1" ester and plank foam