Elation Par Light trunk

The Kent Custom Par Light Trunk is a trunk style case that houses eight stage lights securely and is designed to accomodate your lights' truss clamps. Using a carpet lined (foam interior at additional charge) layout made to your specifications this trunk is built to endure the most intense touring and gigs around the world. As with all our cases it meets ATA 300 flight standards.

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Assembled With:

  • ► Steel ball corners
  • ► ⅜" birch hardwood laminate
  • ► ⅜" Aluminum tongue and groove
  • ► ¾" Birch Baseboard
  • ► ⅜" Double angle aluminum edge trimming
  • ► Recessed spring loaded steel handles
  • ► High performance 1" ester and plank foam
  • ► Steel recessed twist latches